Create custom workflows for Slack

Cut down the time, energy and brainpower used to coordinate and follow up on routine processes with custom workflows for Slack.

🎉 Missions was acquired - experience Workflow Builder by Slack.

Build your next workflow

Work smarter

Create and manage the end-to-end workflows for an unlimited number of processes. Completely customizable, workflows can be as simple or complex as you need. No coding required.

Break down your process into simple steps

Mission steps are delivered as Slack Messages. With Missions you can take your routine processes and create an automated, repeatable workflows. Save yourself, and your team precious time.

Mission steps

Keep it all in Slack

Slack is where communication happens, so why not do work where your people already are. Gather feedback, ask for volunteers, or get approvals all within Slack.

Mission To Dos

Create custom forms for Slack

Create forms for Slack to collect information, manage requests, choose people, or select channels. All without writing any code.

Mission forms